The Ballen Group, Las Vegas Short Sale Agents, obtains Bank of America Short Sale Approval in Nevada
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The Ballen Group, Las Vegas Short Sale Agents, obtains Bank of America Short Sale Approval in Nevada


Las Vegas, NV – December 13, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — The Ballen Group, a local team of short sale agents in Nevada, who have been specializing in Nevada Short Sales for several years now, have obtained a very difficult Short Sale Approval Letter from Bank of America. The Short Sale Approval Letter from Bank of America has always included language stating that Bank of America reserved the right to collect the debt (the difference of what the buyer paid for the home and what the seller owed on the loan) from the seller. This letter actually states that the deficiency is being waived. The next paragraph is taken directly from the letter.

Upon receipt of the agreed amount, BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP, and it’s investors will waive the remaining balance due on the above referenced loan and release the borrower from further obligation therein, and waive all rights to pursue further judgment or deficiency. BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP will report this debt as “settled for less than the amount owed” and issue a 1099 for the remaining balance. The seller is encouraged to seek guidance from an independent tax advisor, and/or an attorney before proceeding with the short sale.

The Property on Manalang took164 days to close. There was only one buyer on this property from contract date to close which is rare. In many short sales, the first buyer leaves the transaction before approval can be obtained. The original list price was $85,000 which is where it sold to an FHA buyer. The bank contributed $2,550 in closing costs.

Ballen uses a comprehensive Las Vegas Short sale system for sellers. Homeowners who are facing Las Vegas foreclosure can request that The Ballen Group, A successful Las Vegas Short Sale Agent Team, consults with them about their needs. In addition, Ballen has created a custom hardship package allowing the homeowner to complete the documents required by the bank to ease the process. Although The Ballen Group would never encourage Las Vegas Short Sale, many homeowners in Las Vegas and surrounding areas are facing true hardships that force them to attempt a Short Sale rather than face Las Vegas Foreclosure.

Many Las Vegas mortgages now exceed the fair market value of the home. Negative equity has become an increasing problem for the nation, but is excessive in Las Vegas. With the prices of Las Vegas homes decreasing, and the interest rates on previous subprime loans increasing, many Las Vegas home sellers have no choice but to negotiate with the bank to take less (also known as a “short”) on the sale of the property. The seller proves a hardship to the bank which could include divorce, loss of income, health issues and other various situations proving the monthly mortgage payments are impossible for the homeowner to pay. The home owner requests the help of a Real Estate agent, such as a Short Sale Specialist of The Ballen Group to sell their home and negotiate the sale with the bank.

The brokerage The Ballen Group Agents, who do their business under the brokerage Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas, lists the short sale property the same as they would with any other property. It is marketed on the internet, television, mail outs, magazines and more. The real estate commissions are negotiated with the bank rather than the seller. The Ballen Group then receives offers and presents them to the seller.

Once an offer is chosen, it is submitted to the bank for approval. The entire process takes 60-120 days on average and could save the homeowner from Las Vegas foreclosure (Terms should be discussed with the seller’s attorney, accountants, credit advisors and any other professionals outside of the general real estate field).

About The Ballen Group : Lori Ballen and her husband Richard Ballen manage a top producing Las Vegas Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas on DI and Durango with Debbie Zois and Dave Jenks. The Ballen Group is an award winning team specializing in Distressed properties – specifically Las Vegas Short Sales as well as residential real estate in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. As Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists, Lori and her team focus on distressed properties and residential real estate in Nevada.

About Lori Ballen: Lori Ballen is a Mega Agent managing her team called The Ballen Group at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas. Working with her 10 member team which includes her husband Richard, Lori has created a model for success. Using Gary Keller’s Models, she never takes the pedal off lead generation which includes dominating search engines, working the database, managing he team web site, running daily ads, and staying on top of the most innovative marketing strategies such as her use of video. Using these tactics, The Ballen’s earned awards in their short career such as rookies of the year AND top agents in the company their first year and many more top achievements in the years to follow.

About Richard Ballen: Richard Ballen, a resident of Las Vegas for 40 years, is a natural born problem solver. Richard has always been in business for himself and holds and extremely high standard of others around him. As a young child Richard picked up magic which required discipline, practice and hard work. This carried over to his real estate career. His work ethic is 2nd to none and this results in accomplished goals for himself and his clients

The Ballen Group can be reached on their Las Vegas Short Sale Hotline at 702-482-7739 or on the web at

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