Las Vegas Short Sale Attorneys | How Much Do They Charge?


Think Twice Before Hiring a Nevada Short Sale Attorney

Las Vegas, NV – May 29, 2012 – (RealEstateRama) — Why would you pay a Nevada Attorney thousands of dollars to handle your short sale when short sales are free? There has never been a better time to do a short sale. Many banks are now waiving their right to pursue deficiency, and some banks are even offering “cash back” to homeowners as an incentive to short sell, however, there are plenty of lawyers out there who are lining up to take your hard earned money. Why pay an attorney for a service that should not cost you a dime.

Before you hand over your hard earned dollars to a Nevada Short Sale Attorney, consider the following; will the attorney guarantee their services and pay you a full refund if they fail to perform? If you meet with an attorney who won’t agree to refund your money should they fail to get your short sale approved, GET UP AND LEAVE!

While there are many respectable and ethical attorneys out there, you must educate yourself and not place your unconditional faith in someone who stands to make a handsome profit should you get sued.
There are NO attorneys who specialize in short sales; however, there are plenty of attorneys who specialize in taking your money. Homeowners considering short sales are welcome to speak with a lawyer to discuss their options, however, YOU MUST BE CAREFUL. If you use an attorney to negotiate a short sale and they fail to perform, you may wind up being sued by your bank. In the event the bank decides to come after you, then you will need to hire an attorney for a potentially expensive lawsuit.
What is the attorney’s motivation to get your short sale done if they can make additional income protecting you from a potential deficiency judgement lawsuit? Is this not a conflict of interest? If you were sick with cancer, would you hire a doctor who also owned a funeral home? Of course not!
Additionally, if you speak with a Bankruptcy Attorney, they are undisputed experts at helping you go Bankrupt; however, they also make their living by convincing you to File Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is always an option, however, NOT always necessary.

Nevada Short Sale Lawyers can be quite expensive. Who has money to hire an expensive attorney, when you are losing your home and preparing to move, etc.? Most people who are considering a short sale are experiencing a certain degree of Financial Hardship. In these tough economic times, many attorneys are experiencing a decrease in clients, and are looking for ways to generate additional income. Attorneys, who have never offered short sales as one of their services, are now jumping on the bandwagon and offering to do short sales for their clients. Times have gotten so tough for lawyers that even accident attorneys are now advertising Bankruptcy and Short Sale Services. Using an attorney to facilitate a short sale is a concern for several reasons: First of all, do you really think that the attorney you hire is going to make your short sale their top priority? Are they going to do the work themselves, or will they hand it off to their office assistants and paralegals to do the work? Most attorneys will not even make the time to meet with you personally. Are you prepared to spend $2000 – $5000 to hire a paralegal assistant to protect your family?

While The Myers Team with The Caliber Realty Group are NOT attorneys, they are nationally recognized as one of the most influential figures in real estate today. Additionally, they are the most experienced short sale Realtors in the city. Since 2007, The Myers Team has sold more short sale listings than any Realtor or Broker in Nevada. According to Myers Team owner Bill Myers, “Our service is 100% guaranteed, meaning if the bank rejects the short sale for any reason, you do not pay us a dime. Our loyalty is to our clients. Why pay for an expensive Attorney when you can be backed by the experience, knowledge and negotiating power of the Myers Team with no out of pocket expense?”

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